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GaGa Ball was the hit of the summer in 2010. Campers at other camps had been playing the game for years and years. As soon as the Camp Fontanelle staff learned of the game we started playing with campers. Survivor I Camp was the first camp to play in the summer of 2010 and destroyed the ball we played with. Knowing this game was a hit the staff made sure all the campers signed the ball and it is now on display above the "In" door for all to remember the first time GaGa Ball was played at Camp Fontanelle.


GaGa Ball Online Registration
Gaga Ball Registration, Team Rules, & About The Tournament

GaGa Tournament Poster

Date: Annual Tournament 3rd Sunday in September (Sept 20, 2020)
(please register 1 week prior to tournament)
Time: Team Check-In and warm up play 12:30 - 1:00 pm
Team Size: Minimum team size = 8, Maximum from one team to play at once = 12
Where: Camp Fontanelle, 9677 County Road 3, Fontanelle, NE 68044
Cost: $100 suggested registration donation (higher donation = better seed in the tournament)


2019 Champions


Columbus First UMC Youth

2018 Champions  Columbus First UMC Youth
2017 Champions Columbus First UMC Youth
2016 Champions Omaha Maplewood UMC Youth
2015 Champions Omaha Maplewood UMC Youth
2014 Champions Omaha Maplewood UMC Youth
2013 Champions: Fall Tournament: Columbus First UMC Youth
2012 Champions: Spring Tournament: Omaha Rockbrook United Methodist Youth
Fall Tournament: Blair United Methodist Youth
2011 Champions: Spring Tournament:  Oakland UMC Youth
Fall Tournament:  Omaha Maplewood UMC Youth


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