Is it ever too early to think about summer camp?

I think about camp all of the time, but that is my job! BUT…when I was younger, say a teenager, I still thought about summer camp a lot. It was because there were people I would only see at summer camp; it was that special time when I could “cram” as much time as I could, laughing with them, listening and telling stories and thinking of ways that we could stay connected throughout the year. Of course, that was all before cell phones and social media and you couldn’t just pick up the phone because there were long-distance charges, even if you were trying to phone someone who lived in a nearby town.

My how times have changed! With Instagram and Snapchat and texting and IM, why do we need to get excited about summer camp? Because nothing beats that face-to-face connection. Nothing can compare to walking arm and arm together, or that needed hug. Summer camp is about connecting and re-connecting; it is about putting all of the social media away and being social! Camp is about those belly laughs, that you can’t get through a text; it is about listening to the silence of nature and taking that chance to hear God Speak-to hear God speak your name!

We are excited to present “What’s in a Name” as this summer’s curriculum study.  And also, we are very excited about the new camp sessions we are offering. The new sessions range from Pioneer Ladies and Pioneer Guys where campers will learn about living simply and cooking their own meals to our  Gamer’s Guild session where our campers spend time playing all kinds of different games. Interspersed with all of the swimming, hiking and playing, campers will have Bible lessons in which a name was changed (like Simon to Peter, or Jacob to Israel), or a name was given (like John) or a name was claimed (like Naomi).  There will be crafts and quiet time and meeting up with friends and bringing new friends into your circle. Who would want to miss all of that!

Please click HERE to be directed to the “Branching Out” Summer Camp Edition. It will have information about summer camp and the link to get the process rolling for scheduling your families summer activities. Check out the new camp sessions, but remember, our favorite camp sessions are still available. Get registered today!

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