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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Summer Camping Information - May 4, 2020

Update: May 27 - Virtual Camp & Family Escapes

Virtual Camps - "Due to the onsite traditional camp being suspended by the Great Plains Inc, we will be moving ahead with VIRTUAL camp.  We continue to pray that on site camping will be able to happen at somepoint in the future.  You must register for a week of camp to receive the virtual materials.  On the day before your scheduled camp you will receive a link via email that will provide you with all the virtual materials, including a schedule and how to access specific meetings with campers and staff. The materials will be age-appropriate and carry our theme New Self which will be focused on developing a deeper understanding of our identity as Christians.  Materials will be prepared by our exciting summer counselors! While there is no charge in virtual camping, a donation to the camp is appreciated.  A computer or iPad is essential to participating in the virtual camp experience. Donations over $50or more will receive a T-Shirt included with the virtual camping experience.  If you have already registered for Traditional camp you don't have to re-register, you have already been signed-up for the virtual experience.  If you have already made payment, you are welcome to donate those funds towards the camp or contact the office to change your payment status.  Together, let us put on a New Self!"  REGISTER HERE

Family Escapes - Because we care and want to continue to be in minstry we are offering options for Family Escapes during the months of June and July.  These will be experience that families will be able to share together and include some program options that will keep everyone safe.  Families will be given their own place to stay, private bathroom, private firering, and private times that they can participate in program options.  For more information about family escapes and Registration CLICK HERE (This Page is Under Construction but will be Available Soon)

Update: May 7

*A scholarship form has been added to the registration page to help families with financial burdens

*Safari camp has been canceled due to restrictions at Ashland Park

*Zoo Camp field trip may look different because of changes at the zoo.  We are considering a day trip instead of the overnight. 

Update: Here are some policies established 5/4 for Camps

Camp Fontanelle staff are doing their best to make sure that the camp remains safe, through proper cleaning and sanitizing, having hand sanitizer available at all times and through the proper training and certification when necessary of the camp staff. We are following all of the guidelines for cleaning/sanitation measures set forth by the American Camping Association and Great Plains Camping Inc.  Some additional measures of our camp include:

  • Intentional prayer at the beginning of each camp for our world and camper’s safety
  • Training with campers at the beginning of camp on how to keep one another safe
  • Regularly cleaning of cabins, bathrooms, kitchen, and common areas during and in between camp sessions.
  • Discreetly inquiring to families about illness and/or recent known illnesses before and at registration.
  • Implementing policies that keep campers safe during camp, as well as a policy and quarantine procedures on what happens if someone gets sick during camp.
  • Requiring staff to stay on grounds until it is safe for them to do so.
  • Keeping in communication with our families via social media and through our camp website. There is a specific area link at the top of website addressing Covid-19.
  • Off ground field trips during camp maybe adjusted or canceled based on guidelines and camper safety.

Update: May Camps will be canceled for Summer 2020

                     *Those already registered for May Guardian Angel (26-27) or May SonShine (28-30)  will have one of 4 options:

                      1) Move your registration to the second session of Guardian Angel (June 26-27) Sonshine Camp (July 17-19) or Family Camp (June 19-21) 

                         2) Apply your registration funds to Summer 2021

                         3) Donate your registration to the camp

                         4) Request a full refund of camper registration 

Summer Camp Is Still Scheduled to Happen!  

However, the camp is currently closed to visitors.  Please watch here for changes!  We will also be posting updates on our Facebook/Instagram Accounts, sending out emails, and making phone calls. Staff are gearing up to have camp whenever the “all clear” is given by authorities.  Please register for camp now.  The staff our planning to offer a FREE "Virtual Camping" backup option of activities to be conducted over the internet It is critical that you register now to take advantage of our normal schedule or the virtual camping schedule!   We are encouraging families to continue to sign-up (please review notes below).




So, REGISTER. Check out the “New Self” program, schedule of camps, and information!

By registering, we can plan ahead and directly let you know of any cancellations and backup opportunities.  Please secure your spot. We know that when this crisis is over camper families will need camp more than ever!  THANKS to the many campers who have already registered.



NOTE #1 If you have paid and camp is not held on site, you will be offered a full refund and information to access our backup “virtual camping” programs.

NOTE #2- Alternatively, you may register, without paying now, and pay on arrival for a camp that is held on site.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE #3 - The safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority at camp. The camp has a long history of planning for and managing communicable diseases. Camp Fontanelle is an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited program. Camp Staff, in coordination with Great Plains Camps, are monitoring the updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical professionals and state and local health departments related to our camping schedule. Announcements for camps will be posted here and communicated directly to registered campers as coordinated with Great Plains Camps.


Excerpt from the March 19 Camp Fontanelle News email:

 What can you do?

  • Pray for everyone, because there is not one person or business that is not impacted.
  • Be smart in the activities in which you participate.
  • Continue to register for camp.
  • Pray for our leaders.
  • Consider a financial donation to help the camp during this time.
  • Post photos on the camp Facebook page showing how you are keeping busy during this time.
  • If you are able, reach out to neighbors and friends and help where you can.
  • Pray for your family (Immediate, Extended, Church).
  • If you are part of the vulnerable population, ask for help.
  • It is difficult, but try to find that new normal and stick with it. You might find out the new normal is pretty good.
  • Pray for God's Grace.
  • Try to find good every day. It is easy to find the bad, but find the good and thank God!

Additional resources posted on the Great Plains UMC website:

 Family Resources including health flyers, talking to kids, and educational resources.

Social Distancing Resources including for kids, youth, adults, and family.

Great Plains Camps Letter Response to Covid-19

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