Thank you for supporting Camp Fontanelle!

Ways to donate or help are many and greatly needed in God’s many ministries at Camp to children, youth, adults and especially families. Elsewhere on this website you can see the many activities and opportunities for growth as Camp Fontanelle impacts lives through intentional Christian community. We greatly appreciate your help and offer the following opportunities for you to provide your support

Capital Campaign
Builder's Bricks
Monthly Donation
Scholarship Fund
Planned Giving

Any scout working to achieve the Eagle Scout rank must complete the required Eagle Service Project. Camp Fontanelle offers the chance for any scout to expand his service to others, outside of Scouting, in the community. Contact Ryan Siver, Site Director, at Camp Fontanelle to arrange for an Eagle Project. Below is a list of service projects as of 9/12/2023 available at Camp Fontanelle:

  • Build big rocking chair/or giant swing (for photo opportunities) for corn maze/summer camp
  • Build Archery Shooting line/storage shed/bale target shed (like Palomar CCC pics in Annual Improvements folder)
  • Build Skeeball
  • Build “Nature Explore Playground” for kids to play on (lots of educational stations for younger kids built from using natural materials)
  • Build Woodboxes for private campfire sites
  • Build play xylophone/sound sets
  • Build Duck Races for corn maze season
  • Build deck/shelter for tree boats – Survivor Site
  • Overhead trellis for vines w/benches
  • Make ‘Jamaican’ drums out of 55 gallon steel drums & Repair Drums in Petting Barn
  • Install 2 “Pots & Pans” Playing Stations along with 2 x 4 Wooden Xylophones between trees
  • Goat Playground (Ramps, walkways, slides, etc)
  • Swinging Bench Worship Site at 7:24 Shelter
  • Giant Science Playground – make oversized swing, teeter totter, find/install merry-go-round
  • Restain Folding Tables By Main Lodge & 7:24 Shelter –
  • Repair & Repaint Picnic Tables
  • Replace landscaping timbers around bell, retaining walls around trees/fireplace in fort
  • Build new Picnic Tables heavy duty frames, see tables @ Camp
  • Treat Gazebo – waterproof
  • Low Ropes Course Maintenance, fix meat grinder, build a trust fall stand, water proof wood elements, wood chip around all elements/trails
  • Build Hammock Havens with center pole with 8 to 12 poles in an outer perimeter to hang hammocks to the center pole (x6)
  • Lean-to shed for dry storage of tractor/hayrack – 14’ wide by 50’ long
  • Summer Camp testimonials wall
  • Carnival Games in Fort Area or where trikes used to be (Basketball shooting, etc.)
  • Meditation Trail Signs

Camp Fontanelle is always accepting donations to help out summer camps, small group events, and facilities upkeep. Below are some common needs we have, and specific lists of needs are available by request. Please contact the camp before donating an item or funds for one. Thank you for giving!

Program Supplies:
Glow sticks, etc.
Pool noodles, beach balls
Tie Dye
Face Paint, glow in the dark face paint
Color run powder
Friendship Bracelet thread, embroidery floss
Craft Paint

Cleaning Supplies:
Clorox Wipes
Paper Towels
Dorm Fridges – 24×34 is available space
Laundry Detergent

NOMADS > Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service

NOMADS provide volunteer labor for United Methodist organizations. NOMADS demonstrate God’s love through our work and by listening to the people with whom we work. We do new construction, remodeling, and repairs for churches, children’s homes, camps, colleges, outreach missions and disaster rebuilding. Team members do maintenance, cleaning, painting, electrical, drywall, sewing, flooring. With God’s help, NOMADS pretty much do it all.

UMVIM > United Methodist Volunteers In Mission

UMVIM is a grassroots movement within The United Methodist Church designed to provide an official channel whereby Christians, both lay and clergy, may offer their skills and talents for Christian service at home and around the world on short term assignments at their own expense.

Camp Fontanelle can host volunteer work groups throughout the year.  5 full service RV pads are available for volunteer work groups.  Water is available end of March through mid-November at RV pads when weather is typically above freezing.  Contact the camp to identify work needs and potential projects.

All volunteers working with children and youth must take and pass the Safe Gatherings training online.  Be prepared to list a clergy and laity reference.  Obtain email and phone number information for your references.  INFORM YOUR REFERENCES that you are using them as references and encourage them to complete their reference quickly, it will be emailed to them.  Cost is $35, in some instances camp will cover this fee. Please reach out to Ryan Siver with questions on payment. Register and take training by going to  This process takes time so please be sure to complete this training well before you are scheduled to volunteer at camp to be sure everything has been processed and approved.

Help tidy up the campgrounds and buildings for the Summer Camp and the Annual Fall Festival. Lunch provided to workers, if you know you are coming and can let us know that helps plan for lunch but is not required to attend. Variety of jobs. We need YOU! There is something for everyone. Contact Ryan if you have a specific skill to share, 402-478-4296. Thank you for your help!  Start time 9:00 A.M

Fall Date:
Saturday September 23rd 9am
Saturday November 4th 9am