Guardian Angel (PreK-K)

Dates: June 6-7, July 5-6, August 6-7

Welcome to Camp! Children will celebrate their first Christian camping experience with their favorite Guardian Angel (Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or other). Come experience heartwarming moments and make long lasting memories at our Guardian Angel Camps. Please register each person attending separately (Child & Adult)

Family Camp (Intergen.)

Dates: July 8-10th


Come to camp and take the time to reconnect with your loved ones as you enjoy the fellowship, fun and beauty of Camp Fontanelle. Unfortunately, today’s world often draws us away from spending quality time with the people we care most about. Family Camp is a great way to unplug from those distractions and plug into God and family. Join in fellowship and community at worship and meals, with lots of pick and choice time for this camp.” RVs are welcome for this camp, with five stalls available.



Dates: June 13th - 17th


Do you enjoy all things wild, wacky, and crazy?  If so then this camp is for you!  Slime time, ice cream for breakfast, giant inflatable obstacles await during this week jam-packed with surprises and FUN.  God wants us to live life with joy!


Splish Splash (3rd-6th)

Dates: July 18th - 22nd

Splish Splash:  Spend the week making a splash!  Extra time in the pool and on the slip and slide.  Have fun at the water carnival.  Includes an exciting trip to a water park!  Make sure to bring several bathing suits and be prepared to get Splashed!

Camp What If

Dates: June 26th - 30th


What if every day you woke up at camp it was completely different. Everything was reversed… desert for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, everyone wore their clothes reversed; this is just one possibility of what to expect at camp What If?


Sports Camp (6th-12th)

Dates: July 18th - 22nd

It’s time to get off the sidelines and get in the game: soccer, basketball, Gaga, swimming, flag football, get ready to be on team Fontanelle!  All the traditional sports at camp but with unexpected twists and extra fun. Learn how to be a team player both on the field and off, much like God calls us to be part of His team of believers.

Campers are welcome to bring favorite ball/frisbee to camp.

Night Owls (7th-12th)

Dates: July 11th - 15th

Live in the Caves for the week, staying up late and sleeping in.  Glow-in-the-dark games in the field, laser tag, star gazing, twilight swims, and so much more!  Learn how to shine your light even when it’s dark.

Survivor Camp (7th-12th)

Dates: July 18-23rd



Journey with us into the wilderness to encounter God in new ways. Learn how to trust in God and in your fellow travelers as you overcome various challenges. Working together in teams, you will build shelters and sleep in them. Learn various survival skills for life and your walk with Christ. You’ll also participate in the challenge course, launch a spear with an atlatl, climb trees, laser tag, zipline, go tubing on the river and enjoy the water slide. Our week concludes with the exciting “Banana Relay!”




Girls Only (3rd-12th)

Dates: June 20th - 25th


Girls just want to have fun and this is a great week to do just that!  Experience a week of camp where you will make amazing friendships to last a lifetime. A week filled with extra crafts, giggles, pampering, and deep connections.  Be encouraged in your faith and lift each other up as you draw near to God. Enjoy a spa night, chick flick “drive in” movie, and plenty of girl time with your besties!



Pioneer Guys (4th - 7th grade)

Dates: July 11th - 15th

Spend a week living like they did on the frontier.  Sleep in our outpost site, cook your meals over the fire, help care for the animals at the barn, and learn what life was like in the early days of the west. Help build a project that will improve the campsite for you and those that come after you. Experience how God’s creation helps provide for our needs.

Man Camp (9th - 12th grade)

Dates: June 13th - 17th

Test yourself in the wilderness of camp. Build lifelong friends, learn skills, and find your faith in God. This week will help you realize the potential you have to be a man of faith.

Fontanelle Finale (3rd - 12th grade)

Dates: August 1st - 5th

End the summer with one last week of incredible fun at camp!  Whether this is your summer debut or an encore performance this “we saved the best for last” experience will not disappoint. An end of summer mash-up of all the best camp has to offer; swimming, climbing trees and the NEW climbing wall, crafts, zip line, a (growing season permitting) FIRST chance at the corn maze, laser tag, an optional night sleeping out at Fort Jones or the outpost site, and more!

SonShine Camp (1st-2nd)

Dates: June 8-10, July 6-8


Soak up some SonShine at Camp Fontanelle. Bring your favorite adult with you and share in the complete camping experience: swimming, music, games, crafts, hikes, campfires and Bible study. Come discover the joys of camp with 48 hours of fun in the Son action at SonShine Camp! Please register each person attending separately (Child & Adult)



Day Camp (K-3rd)

Dates: May 30th - August 5th ( 10weeks mon - fri)



Day Camp is a new addition to Camp Fontanelle. Kids can select a week, or spend the whole summer at camp.  Each week is based on a theme, so as to provide a different experience week to week.  This is another way children can experience camp, prior to them participating in our residential experiences.



Tree Monkey (3rd-6th)

Dates: June 13 - 17th


Go climb a tree! Yep, come and check out the best view at Fontanelle from the treetops! When you’re not in the trees, you’ll enjoy swimming, games, hiking and sleeping in tree boats under the stars and most importantly, learning and experiencing God’s Love!



Zoobilee Camp (3rd-6th)

Dates: June 26th - 30th

Gorillas and penguins and sharks oh my!  This fun-filled week of camp includes an overnight at the Omaha Zoo sleeping in the aquarium.  Campers have early access to the zoo before the public arrives and an educational experience led by one of the zoo staff members.





Confirmation (Middle School/Senior High)

Dates: June 26th -30th

Get a jump-start on your confirmation journey! Designed for group development, this camp will prepare students and equip the adults who lead confirmation. Confirmation Camp is designed for pastors to bring their confirmation class to cover the basics of confirmation training. **Each church sending campers must also provide an adult to sponsor and/or teach. (Attend with your church confirmation class) Contact your pastor about attending.

Extreme H2O

Dates: June 13th - 17th

Not just a splish or a splash but a tidal wave of wet and wild fun!  Extra time in the pool, a dance party luau, slip and slide, water games, and an exciting trip to the water park.  If conditions allow, take a relaxing tube ride down the Elkhorn River. Experience how God’s love isn’t just a light sprinkle but a downpour of His grace and blessing on our lives.

Walk in her shoes (3rd - 8th grade)

Dates: June 20th - 24th

Spend the week learning about amazing women who have blazed a trail for all those who have come after.  A week filled with STEM activities, guest speakers/activity leaders, and creativity!  God has given us some awesome examples of strong women in the Bible, like Esther and Debra, whose steps we can grow to follow in.

Pioneer Ladies (4th - 7th grade)

Dates: June 20th -24th

Spend the week experiencing life on the frontier. Sleep in our outpost site, cook meals over the fire, help care for our barn animals, help with a building project to improve your campsite,  make a “dunk bag” and “no knot” clothesline, enjoy stargazing, and more. Enjoy the beauty that God displays through His creation to show His glory and His love for us.

Road Rules (7th-12th)

Dates: July 25th - 29th


Get a clue and hit the road! You’ll work hard and you’ll play hard, as you are God’s Hands here on earth! You will spend some of your time at the camp and some working on mission projects in the area. Are you ready to serve? Come on, Let’s GO!



Boys Only (3rd - 8th grade)

Dates: July 11th - 15th

Craft tools and armor, go on quests, build your own shelter. Learn about the world that God has crafted for us and for His glory and how He calls us to be a light in the world.

Stranded (7th - 12th grade)

Dates: June 27th - 30th

Have you ever felt stranded; Didn’t know what to do, or where to turn? Our Stranded Camp is like our Survivor Camp but it takes it one step further. You will learn to think outside the box in our wilderness setting at Survivor Camp. Learn to work with your fellow campers to solve “puzzles” and create your community out in nature.

Legendary (3rd - 6th grade)

Dates: July 25th - 29th

Ever dream of being a super hero? Come find out what it takes to be legendary as you learn about some legendary heroes from the bible.