Come visit the camp!

Camp Fontanelle would love to host your small group, family reunion, confirmation retreat, company outing, or other group at our facilities.
Underwater in the swimming pool


  • Olson Lodge overnight fees are: $30.00 per person/per night (Tues after Labor Day -April 30) $35.00 PP/PN (May 1-Labor Day) $100.00 deposit for kitchen use.
  • Riverview Lodge dormitories - $20.00 per person/per night (Tuesday after Labor Day-April 30) $25.00 pp/pn (May 1-Labor Day)
  • Deere Lodge - Labor Day - April 30 $25.00 per person/per night $30.00 May 1- Labor Day
  • A-Frames (cabins) - $12 per person/per night (warm season only)
  • Treeboats - $15 per person/per night
  • Camping Caves - $15 per person per night
  • Tent Camping - $10.00/tent, plus $3/person
  • RV Camping - $20/night or $120/wk with full service hookups
  • Special Slumber Party Tree Climbing Package - $35.00 per person-includes tree climbing, tree boat sleeping and a movie. $20.00 per person w/o tree climbing.

Bring your own pillow and bedding! Lodging includes use of grounds.

For all lodging options, add 5.5% NE State Sales Tax AND 3% lodging tax (total 8.5% taxes on lodging) unless have a NE Form 13 with NE Sales Tax Exemption on file (Need a copy of a signed Form 13).

7:24 Shelter


  • Riverview Lodge and 7:2 Shelter are $5.00 per person with a minimum of $250.00 and Olson Lodge rents for $500.00 a day.
  • Swimming Pool - $5.00 per person/per hour with a minimum of 10. Life Guard must be on duty to use pool.
  • Facilitated Activities - (Minimum of 10 people, or pay minimum fee @ cost X 10) Zip Lines $10/person, Rockwall $5/per person, Archery $5/person, Challenge Course $5/person for up to 4 hours on course, Laser tag $10/hour/person/hr, Tree Climbing $15/hour/person (minimum charge for 10 on facilitated activities)
Jumping Pillows


  • Adult/Child breakfast - $8.00
  • Adult/Child lunch - $10.00
  • Adult/Child dinner - $12.00
  • Children under 3 - no charge
  • Evening Snack - $2/person

For MEALS add 5.5% NE State Sales Tax unless have a NE Form 13 with NE Sales Tax Exemption on file (Need a copy of a signed Form 13)



Some listings are only offered seasonally

  • General Package: Petting Barn, Jumping Pillow, Most Corn Maze Activities included - $5 per child (donation for adults)
  • General Package + Hayrack - $6 a person
  • General Package + Hayrack & Pumpkin - $7 a person
  • Laser Tag Add-On Option - $3 a person
  • Zipline Add-On Option - $10 a person
  • S'mores Box Add-on - 3$ a person
  • Camp Fire Meal Add-On - 5$ a person

Rules for acceptance and participation in any events held at Camp Fontanelle are the same for everyone regardless of age, sex, color, race, handicap, or national origin.

The Camp facilities must be kept clean and orderly and cleaned at the end of event/activity. An inspection shall be made by the site director. Any new damages will be charged to the group.

Special luncheon or dinner meetings may be arranged with the director with prices being negotiable depending upon the menu desired.

Please, no smoking in the buildings is allowed.