Jane Van Horn

Jane Van Horn

Assistant Director Hospitality

E-mail: jvanhorn@greatplainsumc.org

Brief info

It is a privilege to serve at Camp Fontanelle. It is an opportunity for me to do the things I enjoy - cooking, writing, speaking, photography and working with people. Camp Fontanelle is a special place for many and it gives me joy to be a part of the ministry. It is my hope that what I do, at the camp, will be transformational for those who have an opportunity to be in a place where you can 'grow with God, during all the seasons of your life.'

I am lucky to have the support of my husband Kent and my (now) adult children, Christopher and Sarah. Sometimes, camp took over my life. When that happened, they understood and helped, when they could, to make sure that our home kept running smoothly. I am truly blessed for so many reasons!

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