Virtual Camp 2021

About Virtual Camp

This year we taking Virtual Camp to a whole new level.  Campers will be mailed a box of materials including craft kits, a camp T-Shirt, camp Swag and information on how to access our online materials.

Campers will be taking to a an animated virtual board that will allow them to access all kinds of wonderful faith based materials, games, educational videos and access to our virtual Minecraft world.  A replica of Camp Fontanelle virtually.  Here you will be able to meet other  campers and do all the fun things we have at camp, virtually

Virtual Components
  • Crafts Kits
  • Zoom Call with Counselors
  • Online Games
  • Faith Based Materials
  • T-Shirt
  • Minecraft Experience
  • Educational Videos from UNL Bee Lab
  • Much Much More

Register Here


Elementary School, Middle School, High School Tracks
$75 – 1 Week Experience
$125 – 2 Week Experience (All New Content)

For those that attend in-person add-on virtual $35 (1week), 50$ (2week)

Discounted Prices for Campers that have attend in person camp in 2021


Promotional Video

About Bee Greater

What’s the Buzz all about?

It’s all about the great things that happen when the Spirit draws people Together! You see, God not only wants us to experience something greater, He also taught us how to become part of something greater!

In Matthew 18:20, Jesus said “whenever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”  In other words, when we come together God undoubtedly shows up!  Isn’t it amazing that God told us how he would reveal himself?  Jesus’ ministry was greater, and the secret was found in the way he brought people together, and taught us how to      overcome that which divides us!

Lessons from the Hive:

  • Bee Synergy – Greater Together
  • Why the Buzz? – Greater Calling
  • Family Groups – Greater Sharing
  • Sticking Together- Greater Connection
  • All In! – Greater Love
  • The Swarm: Greatly Commissioned